Unshielding Assets

Withdraw assets from your 0zk address


Unshielding Walkthrough

1. Navigate to 'Unshield' functions and press Enter. Press Enter again to select tokens and amount.

Select 'Unshield ERC20s' if you wish to receive ERC20s in your destination. Select 'Unshield [Base Token]' if you wish to receive native ETH, MATIC, or BNB

2. Navigate to the token you want to send. Press space to select and press Enter to confirm

3. Select the destination 0x address from saved wallets or enter a new 0x address

Unshielding sends funds from your 0zk address to a destination 0x public address. Once unshielded funds are no longer private.

Press Enter on 'Enter Address' to paste in a custom destination address.

4. Enter the amount to unshield and press Enter

The maximum amount is pre-filled. If you press enter without entering in any values, it will automatically proceed with the maximum possible balance.

5. Review the unshield transaction details closely including amount, token, and destination address. Press Enter on 'Confirm Transaction Amounts'

6. Type in your Terminal Wallet password

7. Press Enter to select a Relayer

Relayers are wallets which submit transactions on your behalf so that your 0x address is not exposed when transacting. You can either use a community run Relayer or Self-Relay a transaction.

8. Press Enter on 'Use a Relayer' to use a community Relayer

9. Select token to pay the Relayer fee

Most community Relayers will accept wrapped base token like WETH or WMATIC and stablecoins like DAI or USDC.

10. Review the 'Network Fee' closely. Press Enter on 'Generate Proof' to proceed

This will generate a Zero Knowledge Proof which enables to prove your capacity to complete the transaction privately. Proof generation can take up to 30 seconds depending on your hardware.

11. Review transaction details closely and Press Enter on 'Send Transaction' if correct

After this, the transaction cannot be changed and the assets will be unshielded to the destination 0x address so ensure that details are correct.

12. Wait for transaction confirmation

Pending transactions will show on the Main Balance Screen. Once the transaction has been confirmed, the funds will be in the unshielded destination address.

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