Shielding Assets

Deposit funds to a 0k address

To use funds privately, you must first shield them into a 0zk address. Shielded assets, 0zk addresses, and associated activity are hidden from public view 🛡️


  • You have either created or imported a wallet

  • Assets to shield held in your Terminal Wallet public address AND/OR network base token (e.g., ETH for Ethereum/Arbitrum, BNB for BSC, & MATIC for Polygon)

Shielding Walkthrough

1. Navigate to Shield functions with arrow keys and press Enter to proceed and press Enter again to select tokens and amount.

Select 'Shield ERC20s' to shield non base token assets. To shield base tokens (ETH/BNB/MATIC), select 'Shield [Base Token]'

Base tokens are automatically wrapped when shielded.

2. Navigate to the token you want to shield. Press space to select and Enter to confirm

3. Choose between saved addresses or enter a new 0zk address

4. Enter the amount to be shielded and press Enter to proceed

The maximum amount is pre-filled. If you press enter without entering in any values, it will automatically proceed with the maximum possible balance.

5. Press Y to shield to multiple 0zk addresses OR press N to proceed with 1 destination address

6. Review the Approval transaction and press Y to proceed.

If this is the first time shielding this asset, then you will need to approve spending it.

7. Review the shield transaction details closely including amount, token, and destination address. Press Enter on 'Confirm Transaction Amounts'

8. Navigate to 'Send transaction' using the arrow keys and press Enter OR Press Enter on 'Edit Token(s) / Amount / Recipient(s)' to change shield transaction details

Pressing Enter on 'Send Transaction' will submit the transaction to the blockchain and cannot be reversed or edited so ensure transaction details are correct before proceeding.

9. Wait for blockchain confirmation

After the transaction is sent, you will be taken back to the Main Balance Screen and your private & public balances will update once the transaction is confirmed.

Alternative Shielding - Token Shielder

If you wish to bypass having to send assets to the 0x address in Terminal Wallet and have funds in your 0zk address directly, you can connect another Web3 wallet to Token Shielder.

Simply copy your 0zk address and shield into it from Token Shielder.

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