Self-Relaying Transactions

You do not have to always use a community Relayer. You can self-relay transactions with any wallet as long as the relaying wallet has sufficient gas to pay the network fee. Self-relaying may be useful in some cases such as on the rare occasions when Relayers are unavailable.


  • You have either created or imported at least 2 wallets

  • Shielded assets held in a 0zk address: Shielding Assets

  • Relaying wallet has sufficient network base token to pay for the transaction

Self-Relaying Walkthrough

The example below shows a self-relay for an unshield, however you can self-relay for any possible private transaction in Terminal Wallet

1. At the relaying stage of any transaction, press Enter on 'Self Sign Transaction Self-Relay'

2. Select from list of wallets in Terminal Wallet

Select a wallet that isn't making the transaction.

3. Press Enter on 'Generate Proof' to continue

4. Wait for proof generation

5. Press Enter on 'Send Transaction'

6. Wait for transaction confirmation.

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