Introduction: Start Here

Terminal Wallet is an open source Ethereum/EVM cryptocurrency wallet with RAILGUN privacy built in. Using a command line interface (CLI), Terminal Wallet enables shielding, sending, swapping, and unshielding ERC-20 assets as well as the Native Gas token.
Navigation in Terminal Wallet is primarily performed through keyboard actions such as the arrow keys and the Enter key.
RAILGUN is privacy infrastructure for Ethereum/EVM that enables shielded use of applications on EVM through a private wallet.
Terminal Wallet contains 2 blockchain addresses for each wallet:
  • 0x address - EVM public address where activity and balances are visible. Identical to how addresses function in other wallets.
  • 0zk address - RAILGUN private address where activity and balances are hidden. Funds must be shielded to the private address to be used privately.


First Time Setup


Wallet Setup